Why should we choose Cloud ?

Why should we choose Cloud ?

Many of the Big IT giants started from small places like Garage or Store Rooms. Yupp It's very easy to maintain and manage your infrastructure if your Application/Project is small.

But, what If your company grows up at very large scale? I know you will be happy but, will you be able to manage your infrastructure in this scenario?

You will need following things to setup a large infrastructure:

  • More number of servers => 1000 Million Terabytes of Data will of course require large number of Server setups and that too with high computing power.
  • Large Space => It is obvious that more number of servers will require larger space. You can call that large space as Data Center. Also your Data Centers should be air conditioned because servers do get heated up while performing bulk of computational operations.
  • 24X7 Man Power => Servers are required to be monitored each and every minute. Minor issues with server require immediate actions.
  • Budget => It is obvious you will need a lot of money for such a huge setup.
  • Disaster Recovery => What if the place where your Data Center resides suffers from a natural or human calamity like Earthquake, Fire etc. Everything will be lost If you don't have replication of that data center.

Now you might think what is the solution ?? No worries we have CLOUD !!!

With Cloud we get huge number of benefits. Below are few of them-

  • You don't require any Building OR Land Space => As all the servers will be managed by the cloud service provider so why do we need the servers at our end.
  • Pay as you GO => You will pay only for how much you are using. Like If you are using only one server then you will pay for only that.
  • Elasticity => You can configure your infrastructure and resources for automatic scaling as well. So you don't need to add/remove resources manually. It will result in Cost optimization as well.
  • Disaster Recovery => Cloud service provider will be responsible for handling such issues by creating replications of your Data at multiple locations.
  • Mobility => It doesn't matters if you are going to move your office space anywhere else, you can access the cloud services anywhere in the globe.
  • On Demand Delivery => Unlike the local Infrastructure, you can add or remove any number of resources instantly within a minute or two.

Now who are this cloud service providers ?

  • Today we have multiple cloud service providers. Google Cloud Services, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Alibaba Cloud are one of the largest cloud services providers. We get services like different storage blocks, Virtual Machines with required softwares installed and many more other services.

Hope you loved this blog. There's a lot more to explore in this field of cloud computing. We will explore some more concepts in next blog..........

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