Conjuring Code: Casting Your First AWS Lambda Spell (Part II of series: Lambda Lessons: Unlocking Serverless Computing)

Conjuring Code: Casting Your First AWS Lambda Spell (Part II of series: Lambda Lessons: Unlocking Serverless Computing)

Welcome back to our whimsical journey through the clouds in the Blog series "Lambda Lessons: Unlocking Serverless Computing". If you missed our initial foray into the magic of serverless computing, where we turned mere mortals into cloud wizards, check out Part-I. Now, buckle up as we dive into part 2, where we'll be casting our very first AWS Lambda spell (function).

The Adventure Continues: Your First AWS Lambda Function

So, you've decided to join the ranks of cloud sorcerers with AWS Lambda. Let's create something magical, shall we?

Step 1: The Summoning (Signing Up for AWS)

If you haven't already joined the AWS coven, it's time to sign up. Navigate to the AWS Management Console and pledge your allegiance. As a newcomer, you'll be granted access to the AWS Free Tier, which is like the cloud's version of a free trial potion.

Step 2: Entering the Secret Chamber (Navigating to the AWS Lambda Console)

Once you've crossed the threshold into the AWS realm:

  • Seek out “Services” in the top menu, as if looking for a hidden spellbook.

  • Click on “Lambda” under “Compute” or you can directly search for "Lambda" in the search box— it's not guarded by a dragon, fortunately.

Step 3: The Incantation Begins (Creating a New Lambda Function)

Here, in the Lambda console:

  • Hit “Create function” like you're summoning a familiar.

  • Opt for “Author from scratch” because original spells are more potent.

  • Give your function a mystical name, like “MyFirstLambdaSpell.”

  • Choose a runtime; AWS Lambda is multilingual, from the ancient tongues of Node.js to the runes of Python. Here in this blog, I have made use of Node.JS runtime. You can choose runtime according to your needs.

For details on supported Lambda runtimes, refer to the AWS Lambda Runtimes White paper

Step 4: Bestowing Powers (Set Up Permissions)

Even wizards need permissions:

  • Choose “Create a new role with basic Lambda permissions” unless you've already conjured one before.

  • This role is like your function's magical amulet, granting it the power to perform tasks, like writing logs to Amazon CloudWatch.

  • Click on create function.

Step 5: The Spellcraft (Writing Your Function Code)

Now, for the heart of the spell:

  • In the “Function code” section, an editor awaits your incantations.

  • For a simple charm, let's write a function that echoes “Hello, World” from the ethers.

Example in Node.js:

export const handler = async (event) => {
    console.log("Hello, World from Lambda!");
    return "Hello, World";
The default function, "handler," can be customized, which we'll cover later. The "event" parameter holds details about what triggered the Lambda function, such as an S3 object upload, including event, bucket, and object names. Stay tuned for more on event objects and follow me on LinkedIn.
  • Don't miss packing your potion by hitting on the "Deploy" button

Step 6: Testing the Lambda Function (Configure Your Test Event)

Before unleashing your spell:

  • Hit “Test” to create a test event. The default potion (test request content) recipe should be sufficient, as we are not using any of the parameters in our Lambda function as of now.

  • Name your test Event, something like “testEvent” (you can name anything as per your convenience) and save it.

Step 7: Releasing the Magic (Testing Your Lambda Function)

  • With your potion ready, click “Test” once more.

  • If the stars align and your console returns “Hello, World,” your spell has worked!

Step 8: Beyond the Veil (Explore More)

You've taken your first step into a larger world:

  • Experiment with different spells and incantations.

  • Consider binding your Lambda spell to other mystical AWS services.

A New Dawn

You've just scratched the surface of your potential as a cloud wizard. As you grow more comfortable with AWS Lambda, the realm of serverless computing will open up to you in ways you've never imagined. Keep experimenting, learning, and, most importantly, casting.

Stay tuned for the next chapter in our "Lambda Lessons" series, where we'll delve deeper into the arcane arts of AWS Lambda. Together, we'll uncover secrets that will make even the most seasoned sorcerers raise an eyebrow.

Thank you for being a part of this adventure. Until next time, happy cloud computing!!

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